We export Ipecac Root from Cost​a Rica

Ipecac Root

Expoherb Internacional
San José, Costa Rica

Also known as: Ipecacuanha, Ipecac, Ipeca, Ipecacuana, Raicilla, Ipecas, Cephaelis Ipecacuanha, Cephaelis Acuminata, Costa Rican Ipecac, Carapichea Ipecacuana, racine brésilienne but the real scientific name is Psychotria ipecacuanha. The Ipecac Root contains Emetine, Cephaeline, Emetamine, Ipecacuanhic acid, Psychotrine, Methyl Psychotaine, resin and an alkaloid called Kryptonine. The Emetine has an expectorant principle and Cephaeline an emetic principle. This naming is unfortunate and should be reversed. Ipecac Root medical uses:

-   Emetic
-   Expectorant
-   Diaphoretic
-   Stimulant to the stomach, exciting appetite and facilitating digestion
-   Amebicide
-   Some use it as an Hemostatic agent (antihemorrhagic)

The minimum order of Ipecac Root is 150 kgs. We deliver all around the world. Contact us for information concerning pricing and payment conditions to info@expoherb.com We also supply the Ipecac Root extract based on our customers specifications.   Our Ipecac is grown under the humid forests of Costa Rica employing decades of expertise planting and exporting this root. We understand the percentage of alkaloids is what matters so we have identified the areas which make the Ipecac Root develop the highest quantity of content. The scientific analysis demonstrate our Ipecac Root has 3% of T.A. and higher reaching sometimes 4%.  Feel free to contact us if you need more information of our Ipecac Root.