Ipecac Root

Quassia Amara

Also known as: Quassia Wood, Bitterhout, Hombre Grande, Bitter Wood, Cuasia Amarga, Murupa, Palo de Cuasia, Palo Isidoro, Pau Amarelo, Pau Quassia, Puesilde, Quacia Amarga, Quashi Bitters, Quassia, Quassia Amarga, Quassia de Caiena, Quassia Surinam, Quina Cayenna, Quinine de Cayenne and Suriname Wood.Our Quassia comes from a plantation which means we offer a product of the highest quality possible without extracting the plants from the forests to make it sustainable.This plant has bitter characteristics mainly in the bark, wood and seeds.The Quassia Amara is a tree that grows in the humid forests of Costa Rica. It has between 3 to 6 meters of height.                Quassia Amara medical uses: -  Combat fever -  Stimulant to the stomach, exciting appetite and facilitating digestion  -  Anthelmintic -  Increase the secretion of the salivary glands, liver and kidneys -  VIH antiviral  -  Antimalarial -  Excite the musculary fibers of the alimentary canal and the bile excretory canal -  Antiparasitic -  Antitumor -  Antimicrobial -  Gastric shield -  Anti ulcerogenic -  Analgesic -  Sedative (in large doses can cause depression) -  Sterilizer -  Enhance the activity of the mucous membrane and normal secretions.  -  Relieve the face spots caused by hepatic problems.  -  Amebicide -  Control the diabetes mellitus  -  Combat weakness, dyspepsia, hepatosis and jaundice -  Enhance vomiting i n large doses Other uses:          -   Bitter tonic for beverages and liquors   -  Insecticide (kills aphids and lepidopterons)  -  Larvicide   Kills liceWe offer Quassia Amara:   -  Wood chips  -   Powder   -   Liquid extract
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San José, Costa Rica